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Sonic Loops - Loop Samples playback machine for Android Phones

Sonic Loops Interface

Faq—Frequencly asked questions

A: How to get more info about the Sonic Loops team?

Q: Click on the small-invisible button on the top left corner of the application.

Q: Why sounds are out of sync?

A: That's your duty, that's the fun and that's why we added the trim function... you have to show your talent in synching...if we did everything, where's the funny part?

Q: Why sometimes sounds get a micro-pause?

A: That's the auto-sync function, if you get a 500ms (half-second) distance a loop from another, the auto-sync tryes to align the samples automatically in 3 or 4 loops cycle.

Q: What's the Unlock function?

A: When you are enough skilled in Sonic Loops, you may consider stopping the reset features jumping from a bank to another, to obtain more advanced effects.

Q: I sometime get errors in Unlock mode!

A: Unlock mode, keeps 64 audio track simultaneously open... so is quite easy to mess-up with buffers, expecially in phones with few memory...well'fix it the future.

Q: I can contact you, complaining, congratulating, commenting, or just to bother you?

A: Sure, we are developers are we are used to critics.. so, write us to:

Q: I loved the musical work of Metaphonic, can i contact Meta and congrat with him?

A: You can’t contact him direcly, but feel free to contact our dev team, and we will be glad to forward the more interesting comments or proposals, to Meta.

Q: After a while the loops are running, they start to disalign.

A: That's not happening on all Android phones, mostly is due to Android timing management, and is less frequent of recent powerful phones, anyway, putting the phone temporary into Airplane mode, will reduce substantially the event.

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